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Best Online Classroom Software | Online Classes and Elearning Software

E-learning software for school: Best Online Classroom Software

YoFundo LIVE

YoFundo Live is the best online classroom software system to conduct online and live classroom. It has unlimited class recording capacity, public and private chat, screen sharing, video sharing, unlimited webcam sharing, Whiteboard for collaboration, unlimited users. You can create your own rooms to host sessions or join others using a short and convenient link.

Best Online Classroom Software: Find the best Virtual Classroom Software for your business

Best Online Classroom Software available in India

Best Online Classroom Software in India

Yofundo is a Learning Platform or course management system in India that uses the standards Google office software tools such as Google Docs as well as spreadsheet and presentation applications. The best elearning software for those looking to build an online teaching platform for any purpose in a few easy clicks even with zero experience.

Yofundo offers best online classroom software used in a virtual classroom to facilitate online education. Best online classroom software: online classes and elearning software helps teachers to create a syllabus, course schedules, tests, and online exams.

YoFundo Online Classroom and E-Learning Software for Schools
YoFundo Online Classroom and E-Learning Software for Schools


Advanced Features

  • On-Demand Webcasting

  • Recording & Playback

  • Third Party Recording Tools

Basic Features

  • Audio &Video Recording

  • Audio Calls

  • Screen-share

  • Video Conferencing

  •  Video Streaming

Conference Management

  • Attendee Management

  • Event Management

  • Meeting initiation and Joining

  • Meeting Management

Conferencing Mode

  • Video Call Full HD 

  • Video Lecture 

  • Virtual Meeting


  • Discussion Boards 

  • File Transfer

  • Slideshow


  • Website Integration

Interactive Features

  • Instant Messaging

  • Private Text Chat

Pre-meeting Tools

  • Event Calendar

  • Scheduling


  • Activity Dashboard

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