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How YoFundo helps institute who has already using Moodle LMS

YoFundo ( is the flagship software product of JhaMobi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

It is a Technology-based Education Platform where institutes can have an all-in-one, stable, robust, secure, personalized, AI-based, a pre-integrated suite of LMS and ERP software system to run their academics and administration simultaneously.

It is cost-effective and generates an extra revenue stream for institutes.

It is a quality end-to-end solution for all educational institutes stakeholders including teachers, students, parents and Management.

This software system provides technology by means of a unique IT-as-a-Service model, offering complete business solutions in Education Technology. It is B2B and scalable Cloud-based SaaS-based software.

YoFundo product and service suite helps universities with Moodle-based value-added services:

Timely version upgrade: Upgrade the current LMS version to Moodle 4.0 (Moodle's new version). This new version introduces a new design language and new features (like live classes with auto recording) for a new experience of the teaching-learning process.

3rd party software integration: Integration with ERP software systems covers the full lifecycle of the student journey from course admission to automated course enrollment to certification.

Institute-owned Mobile App: Fully customized and personalized Mobile App

Proctored online exam system which uses face recognition AI to prevent cheating. Proctoring log report .Provides utmost strictness to an examination drive and eliminates any unwanted incident.

Real-time Mobile push notification system for all stakeholders for important announcements. SMS Alert/notification System sends instant notifications about the latest happenings.

Institute's Software Solution: Personalized and Exclusive branding. Fully customized with the university logo, name, and other details. White labeling includes Exclusive branding, and renaming terminologies. No Moodle or any brand will be not displayed in Web Portal and Mobile App.

In-demand customization through custom coding to increase capabilities and features for value addition.

Data protection and reusability: with Application-level backup and Server level backup. This backup scheme will help teachers in the coming academic years for getting references.

Scalability: Scale up and Scale down server capacity according to to need to optimize cost.

Technical support to teachers and students. Integrated with helpdesk to raise tickets for product-related support. Chatbot supported.

Application maintenance by software issue/bugs fixing and incident management.

Database maintenance by maintaining Database reports, Database related queries, CPU optimization and Server provisioning.

Professional Services: Difficult and costly to manage technology and IT resources for in-house software solution development for any institute. Attrition is a big loss for the education institute. We as a company understand this problem and know how to give continuous and professional service to clients.

On-demand Product Training to teachers/coordinators. Online training with recording. It will cover all important modules. 2 days of client site visit after training.

Reports and MIS system: All types of academic and administration related reports/MIS system for management team to analyze data to take informed decisions.

So much so that most institutes limit themselves to very few features and capabilities of Moodle due to lack of expert and informed resources and adequate research due to lack of time. Our experience and expertise help them to understand their problems and challenges and give customized and optimal solutions.

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