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Online Education Platform for Education Institute

Yofundo is a stable, robust, secure, personalized Online education platform to run academics and administration for schools/colleges. It is a quality end-to-end solution for all educational institutes stakeholders including teachers, students and parents, and School Management. 


YoFundo provides technology by means of a unique IT-as-a-Service model, offering end-to-end business solutions in Education Technology.


It is a cloud-based solution offering a single-window solution with a pre-integrated suite of LMS and ERP software systems.

We provide services, customization, and technical support along with end-to-end software solutions.

Y o f u n d o

We are serving




Online learning resources platform. These virtual learning platforms help you upload lesson plans, create new resources, and host virtual interactive multimedia classrooms.


YoFundo LMS

A stable, robust, secure, personalized LMS system to run academics with ease and significantly improves the level and quality of online and remote education.


A stable, robust, secure, personalized ERP system to run administration like Admission management and fee management 


YoFundo LIVE

A web conferencing software to conduct online and live classroom. It has unlimited class recording capacity, unlimited webcam sharing, Multiuser Whiteboard , unlimited users. 


Personalized and Exclusive branding (school logo, school name and other details)

Technical Support

Technical/Product support, Cloud Support, Agile methodology, SLA

On Demand Customization

Unlimited Customization of Web app, Live classroom and Mobile App

Unlimited Usage

Unlimited storage for self-made content as well as 3rd party content like Byju's, Fliplearn, extramarks, classedge, s. chand. 

Secure System

Own hosted server, Cost effective, Secure software, Scalable


Secure payment gateway integration 

Marketing Branding Tool

Free Landing page


Fully customised and Secure Mobile App - both Android and iOS

Edac Digital
Online Education Platform for School

Proelium Learning (EDAC Digital)

Proelium uses YoFundo LMS for end-to-end solution.

Eklavya Learning

Eklavya Learning manages coaching remotely with help of yofundo.

Yofundo: Best Online Education Platform for Education Institute

To run online classes smoothly several online portals have been designed to keep the educational and administrational requirements in demand.


YoFundo learning is one such online education platform for schools that make online teaching easy. With its latest web conferencing feature, school Erp software for the administration file system, and LMS software to stack all the study material in one space, it has made distance education easier than before.


It offers you a fully personalized system with 24X7 technical support, unlimited usage, and updated security policies.


Why online education is the future of learning

The concept of traditional education has drastically changed in these couple of years since the pandemic began. We all are aware of the difficulties many educational institutions had to face in order to keep the educational sector moving and growing.


More than the officials, it was hard on the children who were in a very fragile stage of their education, for e.g, high school students and last semester students.


The concept of online education was being expanded to each and every corner of the globe at a very slow pace, but this concept saw an unexpected rise when the global pandemic hit.


Nowadays you have access to quality education wherever and whenever you want only if you have a device that is compatible with the required function

However, leaving the conventional mode of education might not look like a good decision to make, there are plenty of reasons to always consider the online mode of education as an option. Below mentioned are the reasons why online education platform for school in the future of learning:

Online education is flexible


Online teaching lets the student, as well as the teacher, have their own pace of learning. There is added flexibility to deciding a schedule that fits everyone’s routine. As a result, online education platform helps in avoiding the unnecessary time spent on travel and this way improves one’s daily routine. Studying online helps you in improving your vital time management skills.  


Online learning offers a wide selection of programs.  


The Internet is vast and comes with a lot of options. The same way online portals of educational institutions offer several online degree programs, from music to quantum physics. You can obtain quality education at less cost without having to travel to different cities or different institutes.  


It’s accessible from remote locations


Online mode of education is accessible to each and everyone as long as they have the necessary device with compatible functions in order to attend the classes online. On top of that, you not only save time but also save money. So much of an extra expenditure happens on travel tickets, guest houses, and additional accommodation costs. With an online education platform for schools, you don't have to think about affordability.


Online education allows for a customized learning experience.  


Online classes at our online education platform are typically smaller than traditional classes. Most online learning platforms only allow one student at a time, which allows for more contact and feedback between you and your teacher in virtually all circumstances.  


Online learning is more cost-effective  


This enables more effective budgeting. Many of you may be eligible for discounts or scholarships, so the cost is rarely prohibitive. You can also save money by taking advantage of free commuting and classroom resources. To put it another way, the financial investment is lower, but the returns may be superior to alternative possibilities.

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